Five Rivers Services | Training and Installation Support
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Training and Installation Support

Replicating Up-to-the-Minute Theater Operations

As technology advances on the battlefield, our Warfighter’s ability to train must advance with it. Making this happen is what Five Rivers’ Training and Installation Support is all about. Our people schedule, train and repair simulation equipment for virtually any theater contingency, including: HUMVEE Egress rollover training, Stryker training, M-16 and Javelin training, tank and helicopter training and TIGR training, which provides a networked application for building Intelligence Preparation of the battlefield at Company/Platoon level and below. Soldiers execute mounting and dismounting drills, validate Standard Operating Practices (SOPs), perform realistic reconnaissance and communication procedures, call for fire, medical training and capitalize on lessons learned from theater. Unit leaders can also modify the attributes of individual vehicles or units to increase or decrease the level of difficulty experienced during the battle and much more.


Our Training Aids and Devices shop build models of enemy village sets, terrain maps, simulated IED environments and virtually any situation warfighters may find themselves in. We build weighted rifles and other objects so soldiers can become accustomed to them off range. In addition, we provide lasers and special vests worn by soldiers to tell exactly who was firing, where the bullets are coming from and who the bullets hit. If it can be found in theater, it can be replicated by our Training and Installation Support teams.

  • Training Aids and Devices
  • Simulators and Simulations
  • Warehousing
  • Loan and Issue

  • Exhibits, Displays. Mockups
  • Property Control
  • Audio Visual Support

Contract Experience


Training Support Center, Fort Hood, Texas