Five Rivers Services | Space Operations
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Space Operations

Five Rivers Services Supports U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Network

Five Rivers Services (FRS) is now in its fourth year of supporting to the U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Network.  The 50th Space Wing is responsible for providing readiness, launch, early orbit/on-orbit support, and anomaly resolution for a variety of satellite constellations.

FRS also provides operations, maintenance, and sustainment services for the mission operations center at New Boston Air Force Station, N.H.; Vandenberg Tracking Station, California; Kaena Point Tracking Station in Hawaii; and the Guam Tracking station in Guam.

Expertise Includes:

  • Space Mission Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • System Training

  • Technical Analysis
  • Project Management

Contract Experience


Network Space Operations and Maintenance (NSOM)


Air Force Space Surveillance System (AFSSS)