Five Rivers Services | Air Force Recognizes Five Rivers Services with Prestigious Award
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Air Force Recognizes Five Rivers Services with Prestigious Award

April 26, 2011 – Five Rivers Services (FRS) was presented the Peterson Air Force Base Small Business Contractor of the Year Award at the Small Business Outreach Conference sponsored by the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. FRS was nominated for their outstanding support as the prime contractor on the Air Force Space Surveillance System for which they manage, operate, and maintain nine AN/FPS-133 radio sites. These sites are situated coast-to-coast across the Southern US to provide critical national security space surveillance. Transmitters emit a fan of continuous, very high power electromagnetic energy (5,000 nautical miles long by 2 miles wide) and receivers collect reflected energy from orbital objects as they pass through the “Fence.” This system is capable of detecting basketball or larger sized objects orbiting the Earth out to 15,000 nautical miles. FRS technicians collect, process, and report returns on 100,000 targets daily to a computer center at Dahlgren, VA where the data is correlated to the Air Force’s orbital element set database and analyzed. “It is a great honor not only to perform on such a mission-critical Air Force program, but to be recognized by our customers for our exceptional performance. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees who have partnered with our customer to achieve the highest levels of responsiveness and support,” said Colin Schmeisser, FRS President.