Five Rivers Services |
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Bringing the network to the warfighter

Advancing better management of the earth's resources

Preventing high speed collisions in space

Operating in 28 locations across the globe

Strengthening vital global initiatives in IT/Communications, Space Operations and Environmental Science.

An information advantage.

In theater. In space. Across the world’s environmental landscapes. Diverse and demanding locations where Five Rivers strengthens its customer’s missions with a decided information advantage. An advantage that equips each of them with the technologies and techniques to proactively sense, understand and respond to critical circumstances and events worldwide in consistently superior ways.

Our IT-Communications personnel enable command-centric operations and secure collaboration at critical points across our armed forces global information infrastructure. Our space mission system operations teams make possible situational awareness of objects in low-earth orbit. And our wetlands, wildlife and water scientists conduct vital environmental research for practical use by resource managers, policy makers and the public. Diverse environments united by a relentless pursuit of an information advantage and superior mission outcomes. This is the Five Rivers difference.